Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So there are rules in comics, in the art, the coloring, the writing, the lettering a so on. They're good rules, they do you a service and they make everyone's job easier. Follow them.

I'll outline an example. The other day I volunteered to look at a script from someone and what I got was 49 or so chapters of something that wasn't formatted properly. I took a look at it, the dialogue was cracking, but there were no panels, no page breakdowns, it was just dialogue for 49 chapters worth. That is a lot of text. So, I pointed them to some script sites, and Dark Horse's site that gives you some tips on formatting and let them get back to it. Formatting is essential.

Lettering example. I write word-y scripts sometimes. I admit it. But I also letter my own damn comic, so I am the one that has to pick us the pieces and find the space to letter my damn dialogue. Now you are not supposed to letter over 30 characters per balloon, and this is something that everyone should know. Don't do it, it is evil for the letterer to try and pick up the pieces where you have left off. A creative letterer can get away with some things, but don't make them have to. Really. My writer self pisses off my lettering self all the time, and I kinda fudge some of the lettering rules because I am silly and think that the rules given are a little too much. But this is probably the reason I will never be a pro letterer.

There are so many people and everyone has there way of doing things that works for them, and people are constantly finding new ways of doing things creatively on a computer. The digital age is here, but it isn't quite ironed out.

I write everything on google docs which is great, but is sucks because I need an internet connection to get on it. I can access it from anywhere though, on any computer.

I letter in Illustrator because you need to. You can do it in other programs, but it is just so much easier in Illustrator. I have an old version because it came with computers I have, but it works, and I'm getting better every day. Real letterers will hate me though, because I'm sure I make amateur mistakes. But I know I'm better than some so that keeps me going.

Anywho, take the rules, use them to the best of your ability and go from there. Your mistakes will only create a better creator.


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