Saturday, March 12, 2011

Suckage, The Lack Of

When I head into a comic shop and take a look at the stand on a Wednesday (or any other day) I am constantly surprised by the fact most of the material is damned good. The stories are solid, the artwork is crisp like an fresh apple, the color is astounding, and the production value is top-notch.

I remember the last bad comic I read and it was Red Sonja from IDW. The art was not bad, and the writer attached was someone I like, but for some reason it just fell short.

There have been issues that I haven't liked, or even series (Ellis' last run on Astonishing X-Men), but for the most part we are in an era where you can go to a comic shop and pick something up with a guarantee that it will not suck.

Do you realize how exciting that is? Comic from Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Dynamite, Archaia, and others are pretty damned good. I would sit my ass down and turn the pages of most of what is being cranked out without batting eye.

People wonder about the state of the industry, and I say it is damn fine at the moment. Sure, you're not moving a million copies because of some collector craze, but would you seriously want the industry to be what is was fifteen years ago? Right now we have a generation of people that grew up on shitty comics making comics that are crazy amazing. It makes me think that given time the next generation will produce something even better, even crazier and more people will realize what an interesting art form is going on.

I see more people with graphic novels on the street, more people in comic shops and at conventions then I have ever seen before. People may say that they are there for the video games, or there for something else, but comics has been the driving force behind that geek scene for awhile, and if we're smart we'll use that advantage of having people milling around to press some great material into their eagerly awaiting hands, and if it doesn't suck like the early nineties, and if there is a great enough variety being pressed into the hands of all types, then they will come back. Even if it is on the Ipad, or in the bookstore, or online.

Maybe comic store operators will start thinking of new ways to present their materials and appeal to a broader market then white guys that are 30 like me.

Just a ramble.


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