Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wherein I Inevitably Stick My Foot In My Mouth

Y'know I follow and post on the twitter thing, and there are a lot of interesting people to follow. I follow over a 1500 comics people, active and inactive, because I have some incredibly crazy OCD. Tweeting and twitting and twotting is fun. You get to see some art that you would never see otherwise, you get to interact with a bunch of people you never would otherwise, and you get to see how many followers you can collect. It is like a popularity contest, and I love when someone hits that follow button so that they can listen to my rambling, my inane tumblr posts of pics of ROM spaceknight, or Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew, and get linked in to this here post.

There is just one thing that I am curious about. The rants. What rants you ask? The rants from comics creators to the newbies, or to the ones that want to be comics creators. I have to ask myself, being a comics creator of no repute, who are these tweets for? I start thinking that these tweets are for the same group they have always been, the group that sends me pictures hoping that I will somehow be able to get their ideas into print, and a major market for the comic's industry, the wannabe comics creator.

These tweets, while interesting and sometimes useful for me (thank you) also seem kinda condescending if I start to think that they are made for guys that are starting out, but isn't that why Peter David has a writing book, and Alan Moore, and DC Comics, and a plethora of other places. There are script books, interview books with writers, sites with scripts on them. Are people trying to get into comics really that lost that they can't type "comic book writing" into Google and find the resources available to them on the net?

I am starting to think so because an awful lot of editors, and creator types start going on rants sometimes in order to let this demographic of artists and writers know what is what. I think I'm the tough love type, if you are going to do it, do it. Learn it, and piss on whatever others are telling you to do. Keep in mind before you let your stream of piss go that there are conventions that should be followed, but they're not hard to find.

Even I have had moments where I have volunteered to look at someone's work and they have sent me thousands of pages worth on illegible material in a format that they made up. It is hard to read through and who would want to.

So maybe I'm softening up a bit as I go along, maybe these creators are just fostering the next generation of geek-o-phile that has no idea what the fuck they are doing and are sending submissions into Marvel, DC, and Image at an alarming rate.

I considered doing it at one point, hell, I still do (and I get rejected, but that is half the fun), and it just tightens things up a little for the next time.

But is there any way to phrase these rants so you guys don't come off as jaded? There seems to be a little anger in the voices sometimes (not all the time, but some). People need to have time to learn.

But they also need to buck up and just use what is out there.

Fuck, this rant made me so confused.

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