Friday, April 15, 2011

Computer Issues - Fuck

Okay, so I'm not world's greatest tech geek, so thank god for the internet. I have a loyal PC that I have been using in the creation of Foreign Matter for the last two years. It has been a good computer, ever loyal, always there for me (sounds a little like a dog), but recently it has been a bitch, with a flickering screen that is followed by black death. I brought it to someone to get it fixed, and three hundred dollars later it was the exact same thing (so angry that I was that stupid).

My mother has updated her computers recently and she sent me some hand-me-down Macs (that have the old Adobe suites, yay), and those have come to my rescue. I have a desktop and a laptop that I can use now.

Thing is, that I didn't formulate my escape plan until yesterday. I didn't know how my files would transfer from a PC to a Mac, and from CS3 to CS2 (yes, I am ancient in computer ware). So, my computer screen goes black. I go online and learn how to do a hard reboot (or some such thing) and that gives me some ten to fifteen minutes to take my lettering files, my fonts, and whatever else I can a drop them on my external hard drive.

I got the files out, and by this point I was hyper-ventilating a little, close to a panic attack. Those files mean hours and hours of my time (and hours that are generally spent in frustration). I hook the external drive up to my desktop and hope that everything goes well, and thankfully it does. My fonts are here, my files are here. I am now using this computer almost solely for my comics stuff.

Now, after this I realize that my web design program is on the PC too, and I'm used to it, I know how to use it to maintain my ugly little website. So, I start looking for something for the Mac, which is operating on OS X 10.4. If you know what that means, it means that the OS is really old, and finding programs that work for an OS this old made me want to explode things. But, in the end, I found Mozilla's Sea Monkey and that will be my savior. I don't have a great idea of how it works, but I understand enough to be able to update my page, and that makes me happy.

When I get the rest of the colored pages (who knows when) I will be able to get you guys the second issue of Foreign Matter. Now I just have to get the other laptop up to speed just in case.

Thanks mom. Your computers have kept this project going.

I think I might have a few new ulcers though.

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