Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fortunate One

I feel very fortunate knowing that I am working with some amazing people. German P. is on top of that list. I know you've only seen one issue of his work, but I have two more in stock. German's artwork is amazing. There is no way to describe it otherwise, and I couldn't be happier in having an artistic partner like him. German works like a mad fiend, is dedicated, and is a nice guy on top of all of this. I hope that all comic writers are fortunate enough to work with someone that is as talented and as good a human being as German is.

I've read accounts of people looking for artists for years without finding one, and when they do, that artist is incapable of bringing their vision to life in a way that is satisfying. German does this and more. I am grateful.

Bringing color, life and dimension to German's work is Alfredo Rodriguez, and his brush is unique and beautiful. I cannot wait for you to see what he has done with the art. Alfredo has chosen colors that make things pop, that fill you with dread, that add to the art instead of covering it with complications. Alfredo is a talent and once again I cannot express what it means that he is working with us to bring this project to life. Alfredo is taking super detailed work and making it pop.

Alfredo is doing Foreign Matter on top of something top secret for IDW, as well as raising two youngsters. The man is a champ.

Recently I started doing a short with two other artists. Bryan Randall is going to be someone that people talk about within a couple of years (I believe all of the people on this list will be). Bryan packs his environments with so much detail that you feel that you are drawn into the picture. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such amazing artists.

Last and not least is Sean Burres. He has decided to tackle Bryan's pencils and I have to give it to him props for being brave enough to tackle this Bryan's art. I cannot wait to see what he does with this work. Hopefully Ape Entertainment doesn't keep him too busy.

Someone asked me where I find such amazing artists, and I have just been incredibly lucky to have the chance to work with these guys. Fortune has smiled on me and my heart smiles every time I see the work we have created together. I feel like a kid in a candy shop, I feel like a collector that just came on that issue that he's been looking for.



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