Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Muppet Comic is AWESOME!!

So today I picked up Langridge's Muppet Show, and am blown away. If you ever loved the original Muppet show you will adore this book. You should buy it if you can.

What I don't get is that Disney was giving the license for this comic to Boom, and then they had it taken away, and will now publish something under Marvel.

Rumor has it the Langridge's Muppet Show will be reprinted under the Marvel banner, but he may or may not see royalties from it.

I can't imagine that this would happen, and this is probably just Rich Johnston making noise for no apparent reason. If Rich is just tooting his horn looking for a news story I'm not too impressed with his Star Magazine-style reporting. Trying to get people worked up for the sake of it is silly, but I guess it was a slow news day.

Anywho. IF you know someone that likes the Muppets, or has liked the Muppets, or might like the Muppets, and has kids, get them a copy of this title. You and they will not be let down in the least. Know also, that Langridge has one more issue that is not yet published. Mention is to people and maybe Marvel will take that and publish it in their new volume. If it sells well, maybe they'll get Lagridge back to make some more.

Now that would be nice.

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