Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We got an amazing review yesterday. This was the second time I have had any feedback on the comic (one was from a pro giving me some indispensable advice), and this was a very wonderful review. Thank you http://www.geekchocolate.com

I am steeling myself for the opposite version of this review, knowing that everyone cannot like what we have done, but am still high from the words of the review. Knowing what we have in store for the readers I am totally jacked.

Issue two. I have been talking about this one for awhile now. Soon-ish is all I can say. I am awaiting pages of coloring from Alfredo (all worth the wait, he is busy with bigger comics that he is probably getting paid more to do then our little effort). I have been proofing the lettering and going over every detail. I have one small thing to do, but that is it.

I've just gotten page nineteen in the mail for issue three. Wow, German Ponce is incredible in ways that you can't imagine.

I know this is a lot of talk and not a lot of action, but I promise that it is worth it, that is all I can do.

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