Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sacrifice and Love

One thing about making a comic and being a writer, be prepared to lay down some money to produce your comic. I try not to talk to much about money because it makes me look like a nervous nelly, but this part of making the comic requires some sacrifice.

It all requires sacrifice. Time, effort, but money always tends to be the one that will give you an ulcer (unless through some miraculous gift of god you happen to be well-financed). I'm not here to complain mind you, just to talk about it and to warn you that when you are considering funding a project you best be committed.

I have to fortune of having had some amazing people around me that have donated me some funds throughout my battle and I am so grateful to them for this (thanks mom, Aubrey Chris, and Renee), but most of it comes from my day job. Every head of hair I cut I have to remind myself, helps me produce a comic like Foreign Matter. I eat well, I go to the library, I make Foreign Matter, do some yoga and I buy a couple of comics each week.

Yup, I get nervous talking about it. But don't worry, I am applying for some grants from the government, am selling our comic in two different venues, and am always going to have my job. There is that loan as well for backup if I need it, and the credit card. All this talks makes me laugh and think about all of the stories I've read about creators doing crazy shit to get their projects out there. This is another one of those stories. :)

I am not writing this to try and make you buy anything, but just as advice for creators getting into it. If you are going to get things going, start smaller, and then go a little crazy and get the big projects going. I just went for it, right into the twelve issue series. But everything is going well, I love making comics, just remember that -- love making comics and you will survive.

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