Friday, April 1, 2011

Sorry for the Pause

I haven't done this for awhile (a couple of days), but I have been moving and things have been a little crazy. I'm sitting in my new apartment surrounded by boxes, but the bed is made and the washer works properly.

I am going to talk about comics being late, because the gap that I have had between issue one and issue two has been kind of crazy. Sometime in August we had issue one up, and I think at the end of October we had issue two penciled, inked and lettered. We switched colorists because German Ponce felt that the color could be more polished (and German Nobile our colorist for issue #1 went on to work with Avatar and David Lapham on Caligula #1. Could not have happened to a nicer guy).

With our color we went on to hire Alfredo Rodriguez who has been turning in some amazing pages. When I hired him I said he could take his time in between working for IDW on some top secret things that I am not allowed to know about, but eventually decided that we needed to drop our second issue online soon.

I've thought long and hard about this one. We are being published, we are selling our comic with mobile apps with Cloud 9, but we started online. And although we are selling our comic in print, we are small and I believe that the more people that see our work, the more people might want to own our work in print. I could be wrong, but over-exposure is not a problem for an indie superhero comic.

So issue #2 is on its way. You will be able to read it on our website soon and I hope you enjoy it.

With this issue we amped up everything. The story has higher stakes, the artwork is more polished, the coloring is amazing. This is a lot of hard work coming to you for the low, low price of nothing, so I hope you enjoy it.


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