Sunday, April 3, 2011

To suck up or not to

So I've started writing comic reviews and every once in awhile I think to myself, "Should I give this comics a good review even if I don't like it". What if I step on someone's toes, or make them hate me or something?

So this is my message for all the people who have comics I may not have liked. I am only trying my best to give some criticism. I can't love everything I read, and I won't agree with some people's opinions. I'm going to hate some things that you may like, and love some things that you may hate.

That's the one thing I like about reading reviews, you can get two people thinking the exact same thing, or two people that are thinking opposite about the same piece of work. I'm sure that I have had people look at my work and just about explode from having to read what I have written, but I've also had a couple people say that they've really liked what I've done so far.

So, to those whose comics I have reviewed poorly, I am sorry if you feel that I have harmed you in some way, I am only being a critic, and that place is a tough place to be sometimes, especially since I want most comics to sell a million copies apiece.


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