Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waiting for the First Issue

So I have a bunch of copies of Flux UK coming in the mail, and you have no idea how cool that is to me. I have wanted to see my name in print ever since I was a teenager. Why? I can't tell you that, it is one of those ideas that society ingrains in the mind of a writer. "You will never be a writer until you have seen print", I think that is often how my brain has told myself the story, and I have agreed with that statement more then once.

Stupid, I know, but it seems as though society has ways of taking what you most enjoy and making it difficult to love, especially when it comes to the arts. So, I can say that seeing my name in print is a big fuck you to the ideal, and also, that I didn't need it to be a writer.

Writers do one thing, write. If you have a pencil, a crayon, an animal bone on rock, or burnt ember on cave wall you can write. Hell, you only really need a voice to be a storyteller. So if you have the love, or if you have that burning desire in your gut that just says that you have to do it, DO IT.

I read some place that one must live a life before they write so I took a long time off with some writing spaces in between, showing a friend my results every once in awhile, trying to come to a place in my life where work wasn't as much of a struggle every day, and where I could sit down a smash some words out.

Everyone takes their time getting where they are going, remember this. If it isn't happening right away, just let it not happen for awhile, but always come back and try again. Because that is life and art and beauty.


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  1. Good stuff man Glad to see you're doing your thing.