Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So I've noticed that with all the writing I've been doing (blogging, reviews, et al), that I have started improving in the realm of writing. The grammar deal is getting a little better. I use less extraneous words to get my points across, and my active voice is getting stronger.

This is surprising to me, but not surprising, as I have always been told that writing is the only way in which to get better at writing. Mind you, I've always written, but writing as much as I do (daily) has been great for muscle-building those skills.

So for those of you whom are writing, and are looking for advice, the only advice I can pass along is write, get people to edit your writing, pay attention to books on grammar, and write some more.

My blogs have been a little short lately, but my brain has been empty in the realm of comics so I have been typing little entries here and there while my brain reloads with shit that I can complain about/pass along/etcetra.


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