Thursday, April 28, 2011

Writing Prose

So today I took a big step and posted some of the prose I have been writing for Foreign Matter in the shape of origin stories, and it scared the shit out of me. I have had these origin stories on my plate for a long time and they have been rewritten numerous times for various reasons.

Now that I have finished the actual story in Foreign Matter I have made it my duty to finish the prose pieces that I have started and distribute them out into the world. There comes a time when you just have to suck it up and here the noise.

I know my skills in writing prose aren't the greatest, but they have improved vastly in the past couple of months, in part because of my constant blogging and my reviews (it helps having an editor point out your weaknesses). So, with some final tweaks I have put my writing out into the world and am hoping that I have produced something that people can read and enjoy with their coffee in the morning.

One of the more nerve-wracking experiences in my life. I still have three more to finish, one that needs a major re-haul and two others that need a thorough editing. I will see how far I get this morning.

For those of you that are interested:

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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