Thursday, May 5, 2011


So every time that I get close to finishing an issue I freak out. I've posted issue #2, but I haven't posted it all. There are some touches that are being done to certain pages with the coloring, there is a page I have omitted from the front, there is another cover that is being colored, but I had all the pages I needed in a sufficient state, so I got the fucker out there for people to consume.

Am I proud of what we've done. Hell yes I am. I believe that this issue is where the train starts to derail, and I know that some people will have issues with it in certain regards, but there are reasons for what is happening that will come to light later in the story.

I hope you like it as much as I do, and I hope you enjoy it, there is sweat, blood and tears in that comic (I swear on my life that statement is for real).

The immense joy I have of getting something out is insane. The sheer amount of work in those twenty-two pages for all involved is crazy, but I think it works, and it stands out among a crowd of comics that are all vying for your attention.

I hope my brother likes it because I write for him and for myself, and then I write for you guys.

Much love,


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