Thursday, May 26, 2011

Producing Comics Is Frustrating Sometimes

So, you may have seen my posts on twitter, or seen my shit that I posted on Facebook, and my comic is frustrating me right now. Not the making of it, the getting it ready for print and having to do some graphic design part of it.

If anyone ever told me that I would be attempting to do some graphic design at some point, and making things look nice, I would have laughed in their fucking faces. I am not a graphic designer. Yet, somehow I still manage to make some things look nice sometimes. Thank god for that. I don't know if you have ever produced a comic for print, but there is nothing more frustrating then having to get everything all perfect for printing. Make sure that this file is like this and make sure this file is like that, and make sure that this looks pretty and make sure that looks pretty and then you save the fucking file wrong and on and on and on until the end of time.

This is why people pay other people to do this. I wish I could sit the fuck down and write all of my spare time like I read in Mr. Jason Aaron's column on CBR yesterday, but y'know what, I am a comic creator and an indie on at that and I am fucking fucked with doing all of this fucking idiosyncratic fucking shit that would drive the normal person mad. If I could only pay attention to my writing and not my website, and not my fonts for the lettering I am doing, and not the way my origin pages are laid out, I could make my writing nice and polished and sexy.

I know this is a big bitch dump, but I gotta dump it somewhere and this is part of the creative process of making a fucking comic boys and girls. If you're an indie prepare to do it all yourself.

This is why I give serious thought to just writing books from now on. Yikes.


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