Thursday, May 12, 2011

TCAF 3 - Some More Amazing Artists

Today we're starting with Craig Arndt today. He was at the show with his girlfriend and was a very sweet gentleman. We talked for awhile about Pokemon and whether Ash would ever lose his virginity (never).

His art reminds me of Kagan McLeod or Trent Kaniuga with a wonderfully painterly style. Make sure you check out his blog for more recent pics, and then revel in their glory.

Adam Cadwell is next on my list. He has a very pretty illustrative style, and has done work with animation and storyboarding. A talented individual by whom I am very, very impressed.

Coleen MacIsaac is a wonderful little genius of an cartoonist. She has a major amount of free comics on her site, a livejournal site where she blogs, I have a soft little part in my heart her soft wonderful style. Check it out.

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