Sunday, May 15, 2011

TCAF 6 - I think

Okay, today we are starting with Michael Jonathan. Yup, I thought I had met my name twin, as far as having two first names (actually three in my case), but it turns out that Michael Jonathan is actually Michael Jonathan Smith. Doesn't really matter what he goes by though, he makes some extremely cool little comics and illos. I've also been following him on twitter for awhile, but didn't know it. Weird, I think I am following everyone in comics on twitter (@foreignmatter). He has an indie folk, kung-fu musical comic that comes with music that you can listen to online. Neat-o.

Next up, Cafe Con Leche, a duo of artistic talents named Ines and Roi. Two distinct flavors in one little duo. They draw, sketch, photograph and mix all of it together. Some interesting zines involved in these two's works, and it looks as though they bring their art into their lives, which is cool, living art peoples. :)

We come to Matt King, a king of silk-screening. Y'see one of the things I like about TCAF, is that a lot of these people are artists that make comics, or are interested in comics, and the make really weird shit. I love comics and I love art, so having both of them together makes me joygasm. YAY. Anywho, Matt sorry to Joygasm on your time here. Matt makes beautiful posters, and I'm sure other things, but his posters for local bands, and non-local bands are really interesting things. He also is a photographer and takes some interesting shots of the world around him.

And last, and certainly not least, Agnes Garbowska , maker of comics that are very very cool indeed. Love her cartoon-y style and her paintbrush is magical-ing all over the place. Highly recommended reading with three separate webcomics going at the same time. WOO! Check it out.

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