Monday, May 16, 2011

TCAF 6 - Wicked Awesome Women

I picked three cards today and they are all happened to be ladies. That is exciting to me, because it seems as though comics are rife with men and that makes me love the ladies involved even more.

Rosemary Travale is our first victim of the day. AS you can see from her wonderful Wonder Woman, Rosemary has a beautifully expressive style of cartooning that says a lot with a single panel. I love the expressions she uses, they are endlessly amusing to look at. Her painterly skills are pretty legit as well.

Next on the list, Adriana Blake. Author of the webcomic Fall On Me Adriana is a super wicked artist herself, and is a little of a stylistic chameleon. She has a super-cool collection of pics on her site so make sure you check them out.

The last on our list is Katie Shanahan, and Katie is no slouch, her art is amazing!! She has a print for sale on Ebay that would make anyone faint of heart, and she is doing it to raise money for cancer. Check out her fine works and prepare to be smitten.

So there you have it. Some absolutely incredible artists whom I had not enough time to browse and associate with, but will make sure to peruse leisurely on the web. I am so impressed by all the talent involved in this show. Wowsa!

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