Friday, May 20, 2011

TCAF 8 - Decaffeinated?

I have no ideas why the post for today has such a strange title, I am half-awake as I am writing this so there will be some of that today.

Firstly, Jordyn Bochon, whom I am very impressed with. Simple lines expressed in a complicated way make for something entirely interesting and Jordyn's art has that by the bushel.

Secondly, Kate Drwecka did some nice little pen and ink work that I took home because it was for free (and so nicely folded). The story itself was an amusing little something about running (you can see it above) and the like.

And lastly, Tyson Hesse and his webcomic, Boxer Hockey round out our list. Seems to me like Tyson has been watching some older anime because of some of the facial shapes of his characters, but it all looks like good stuff.

Thanks guys, I know I didn't go into it too much, but a post is a post. Cheers.

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