Saturday, May 21, 2011

TCAF 9 - Yes, NINE.

Caanan Grall is probably more well known then I first thought. He has a cute comic strip called Max Overreacts that even I have seen before, and I definitely wouldn't call myself a webcomic guru. If you don't know what it's about, it's all in the title. Max is a cute little thing that is awesomely emotional. Some very good and funny stuff here so make sure you check it out.

Tim Carpenter is the next to bless us with his works. Based in Montreal, he is a studiomate of Jordyn Bochon (check out yesterdays post for more on him). Go to his site, he's got some great content up that you can read for free, and a style that feels a bit like Jean Giraud at times in certain places. Good and good.

Ken Turner
is our next subject under the microscope. Ken gives me a little of that feeling I get when I look at Tim Burton's illustrations. He uses lots of watercolor, some ink wash, and pen and ink, and his business card is a gravestone. Seems to have a dark little sense of humor, so prepare yourself to laugh a little, a perhaps pee a little because you laughed a little.

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