Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TCAF - Part 2 of something

So I enjoyed the hell out of the little time I had, and decided to highlight some of the people whom I met.

One of the few people whom I bought something from was Marian Churchland. I had never heard of her before, but she had a beautiful little book (Beast) in front of her that had been published by Image comics. It is the tale of a sculptor that is given a piece of marble in which to carve into the likeness of a strange benefactor, the Beast. A very well written graphic novel, I digested this one quickly and went looking for more. At my front door I had a package delivered and lo and behold Marian has done some work with Richard Starkings on Elephantmen (third edition), and now I have that to read as well. Yay, for me.

At Marian keeps a drawing journal of sorts about things she likes and things she wants. It is very amusing and I suggest you check it out. And as a side note she was a very nice person indeed.

Next up is Ryan Clayton, creator of Elephant Eater comics. Ryan has one comic that dominates the landscape of his website and its an autobiographical comic that he has made by interviewing those around him and taking those interviews and making them into comics.

Ryan's style is very cartoon-y and I would compare it to Judd Winick on Barry Ween. Check it out, his website is gorgeous to look at, so if you like looking at pretty things, GO!

Marian Runk
is next on the list. A comic artist and paper maker she often makes the paper her comics are printed on. According to her artist statement she uses a sparse style in order to create the opportunity for the person whom is reading to connect with the person and environment better. From viewing her Etsy page I have some curiosity around a title called The Fish and the Monkey, comics about a talking fish and talking monkey interspersed with the story of a woman re-learning how to sleep by herself after a breakup.

Check this stuff out, it deserves a look.

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