Thursday, May 19, 2011

This early afternoon we have Kyla Vanderklugt to show you. Her illustrations and paintings are very clean and crisp and generally quite nice to look at. She has a series of a woman with a mop in very superheroic poses, a series of fairytale inspired illos and a bevy of other things as well.

Next up we have David Mcguire and his webcomic strip Gastrophobia. A very nice and cute cartooning style on a strip about an Amazon warrior that is kicked out of her tribe with her son in ancient Greece. He claims to have done a lot of research, but I wouldn't know the difference if it hit me in the head. The handful of strips that I read made me laugh a little, so that is always good news.

Sarah Glidden has done some interesting comics. Her site only shows three on her list, but they look engaging and one of them is wonderfully water-colored, a journalistic piece on Iraqui refugees in Syria. She also has comic journals of Lewis and Clark that look interesting. She is also featured in a book about real-life missed connections that sounds interesting and has a book about how to understand Israel in under 60 days. Some of this content is free and some is not. Be sure to check it out, it is interesting stuff.

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