Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toronto Comic Art Festival - Niall Eccles

So, thanks to the Beguiling for putting this event on. I was there for a very short amount of time, but the amazing amount of talent in one building was incredible. I cannot even begin to say what it was like to be in a building with so many people whom I had never really heard of, and with such amazing art and product.

I wanted to buy everything from everyone, and had a hard time not doing that. IF you ever get the chance to get to one of the independent press festivals, do it, there are some very, very talented people.

I am going to spend a couple days highlighting some of the people that were there that I met, and introducing you to their work.

I'm starting with Niall Eccles, whom from what I remember was a very sweet gentleman. Check out his facebook.

His project at the moment is character of the day, where he invents one character every day. His style is cartoon-y, his characters are fun, and his art is incredible. He paints a lot with watercolor, I had the chance to see a picture of his that he had done of Sandman and some of the Endless.

http://www.nialleccles.com/ is his site. Make sure that you check it out and if you like it, maybe find a way to support one of his projects.

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