Thursday, September 15, 2011

Comic Writers

Okay artists. Here it is. Yes, writers can produce something quicker than you can draw. We can pump a good script out in less than a week. You artists are great. Without you I cannot get my comics done. I love you. Here is my point of view.

I am an amateur writer. I write for free. Free. In my spare time. When I'm not working I am working on my comics. What does that entail?

Okay here it goes. As a writer I am responsible for this (not in any order):

1. Finding an artist and keeping them.
2. Paying that artist. (You deserve it)
3. Writing my scripts.
4. Researching my scripts.
5. Rewrites on my scripts.
6. Editing my scripts.
7. Promoting my comic.
8. Designing my comic.
9. Lettering my comic. (I am not made of money)
10.Finding a colorist and keeping them.
11.Paying that colorist.
12.Finding a way to pay my artists.
13.Random shit.

So when I hear that artists complaining about the fact that some writer offered them almost nothing for their services I fucking laugh. Come on and try out my role sometime. I am making these comics because I love the medium.

Don't disrespect the writers artist, please, we are the fucking craziest people here. You draw, we write, it is all good.

And for those of you who say "It is you idea, you should take all the risks," should be aware that as soon as your pencil goes down on paper you become the maker of ideas as well. That is why you demand your percentage of the profits from the income that the comics make.

Just letting you know how it is from my point of view.

I love you guys, you make my words look amazing. I just need to vent sometimes and let you know that in making comics, we all suffer for the art.

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