Monday, September 26, 2011

Greg Capullo

I cannot say enough that is about time that the world stood up and noticed the man that is Greg Capullo. I was a huge fan of Todd McFarlane's pencils in the 90s, as I think most every comic fan was. My brother had picked up key issues of his Amazing run, and all of his Spider-Man comics and I followed McFarlane onto Spawn. I loved that fucking comic when it first arrived. Spawn was everything that my mind wanted from a comic. It was dark, twisted, highly stylized, and balls to the wall insanity. It was Image comics flagship, gunning at 11 the entire time.

And than Todd was gone.

I freaked out. Who would replace McFarlane on Spawn? No one could do that. No one. Someone did though and that man was Greg Capullo. When no one was looking Greg Capullo trumped Todd and did a run on Spawn of over 75 issues. He did a Korn album cover, as well as a couple of others, and than dropped out of comics to go and work for Blizzard and do a whole boatload of other shit before dropping back into the comics world with Haunt.

Greg's art is fucking off the hook and pure unadulterated cartooning. No fucking photo reference, tons of detail, backgrounds (Yes, this is Image comic people and Capullo's backgrounds have always been deadly. Change your fucking minds), and characters that act and are.

Capullo can't help the fact that the writing on Spawn was shit. And it was. Spawn lost my interest because the story stayed the same for too long and he just whined and whined about how he had it so rough and life was so hard and his face was maggot infested and his wife had fucked and married his best friend.

So cue Robert Kirkman and McFarlane bitching at each other about McFarlane getting back into the game. McFarlane says he'll ink Haunt over Ryan Otley. Otley being a perfectionist on two monthly titles tanks and they phone Capullo who starts laying out the issues and then drawing them. Despite the fact that Capullo states that he is rusty at this time, it is apparent to me that he is in fact better than ever.

And then fucking Batman. Everyone goes mental. Capullo. Wunderkind. Etc. Look up his body of work people. It fucking will rock your brain like a hemorrhage.


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