Friday, September 23, 2011

Here we go again

So, being halfway though my initial project and having that going well I am now writing other things, and the ideas are coming fast and furious for other projects that will have my name on them. Right now I am working on The Last Great Fight, a sports/murder mystery and while it is slow-going (I should have more done), it is easily the most prepared I have ever been going into a scripting level of a comic.

But there are still things that surprise me whenever I get to writing. A new character added, a new situation comes to light, and damn if I don't just follow those wherever they lead me. I have the end of the story roughly in my head, and I have the beginning and most of the meat of the story, but there are little details in there that I just don't have hammered out.

How will this character react to this one? Or what will this mean to the story in the long run? How will this interaction spur my protagonist into the climax of the story?

Part of me wants to know, but part of me will wait and see how things pan out when I get to the writing of it all, because that is the exciting thing to do, wait and see.

Working on getting this an artist. Can't wait to see what that does for the story.


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