Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Pull Yesterday

I went and bought some comics yesterday. Here is a little overview of what they were. Dark Horse Presents: Buy this book. Best value for your dollar that you will get. In one issue you get a new Beasts of Burden, a new Age Of Reptiles, a continuation of the Finder story (but one you can jump into without previous knowledge) and some beautiful other stories. I've been very impressed by Rotten Apple by Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown. What a gorgeously drawn story.

The new BPRD book is written by Arcudi after batting ideas around with Mignola. Tyler Crook is on the art chores after Guy Davis has left for more personal projects. Crook's style is slightly more cartoon-y, but that is no complaint, he has all the characters down and draws moments of interaction between characters really, really well. Someone that can nail those quiet moments and make a million character cast look like unique people is something that this title needs.

Severed. Attila Futaki is fucking genius. The covers, the interiors. WOW! Fuck does this book suck you in and give you a smacking. One minor quibble, a character that has been killed is hanging from a meathook in a basement. The character is just a skeleton except for one missing leg bone. The person that found him said that he has been cannibalized. That would be an awfully hard meal if you were just trying to leave a skeleton. Just saying. And that is the thought I woke up to this morning. Jesus.

Mike Hawthorne is a wonderful gentleman on twitter and I have started to purchase his Conan that he is doing for Dark Horse with Roy Thomas. Road of Kings has been amazing so far. Treacherous royalty, large bugs, and now...Zombies. Awesome. Love me some Conan and Thomas has such an old hand in telling these tales. Glad I dipped my toe in these waters again.

Joanthan Hickman and Nick Pitarra have crafted something interesting with the Red Wing, but something completely devoid of character. If you want to have no idea what is going on in a comic, read this one. Divergent timelines and such get more attention and care shown to them than the actual people we are supposed to care for. The ideas are interesting, but...nah.

Over in Ultimate Hawkeye, Mr. Hickman gets down to business, and sets up the rest of his story quite well. You've got a government team of undercover mutants with the Hulk and Hawkeye (and quite possibly a little flying girl) set to go up against a hundred super powered terrorists. Not bad at all.

Ultimate X-Men number one has some of the most shocking pages to start an x-comic in quite a while. This ain't your poppas X-men and Nick Spencer is deadset on letting you know that. Mutants are in containment camps (nice ones for the most part) and the ones on the run are being hunted down. Nice little crossover with USM by having Kitty, Iceman and Johnny Storm play the major roles in this one. Bendis is sharing!

And in Daredevil Marcos Martin shows why he is becoming one of my favorite artists (him and Paolo Rivera). He and Rivera are taking the art of Daredevil and doing things with it that no other art team has ever done before. It is an amazing and wonderful thing to watch. And kudos to Mark Waid for giving them solid story after solid story to illustrate.

And that is it. Thanks for reading.

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