Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The New DC Comics

It has been awhile since I have emptied my brain so here we fucking go. I love comics and have for a long time, but I cannot get into this DC fervor. Call me old, or call me what you will, but I picked up the new JLA and have not been able to get into this new universe.

There has been a lot of internet chatter about this, and about new people in comics and new things and new this and fucking new that and fucking new. I get it, let us get a new audience into the seats so that we can show off. Wonderful. Do it. I'm not into it.

Now people tell me that I can buy the old comics. Read them. Or all of them that I want to. Or most of them. Long time fan.

Now more people argue that rebooting is awakening something. Great. Not into it. Even more say that there is still a lot of the old universe left. Great. Not into it.

I guess what I am trying to say is that as a lifetime DC reader this is my jumping off point. I was already kinda there, putting my money into indie comics instead of the big two, but would pick up the odd comic to see what was happening with some of the old guard. I felt there was a history there that I could get into, something wonderful and kinda mystical and cheezy in parts. I like the fact that the old Superman had a million types of kryptonite and things like that. But I understand, modernization is the key to keeping franchises on top of the barrel, so to speak.

So, I go into the comic shop now and see these titles and take a peek inside and have no interest at all. None. And I consider myself a DC guy. No interest. So the past few weeks I've bought indie comics and some assorted Marvel comics. And I feel kinda sad that I've seen the death of an era in my life, but will get over this feeling.

And yes, this is kind of stupid in a certain regard to get all pissy over the fact that DC comics is not my DC comics anymore and the DC comics of some 'new' readers and a bunch of people chasing hype. I hope it works out for DC, but I guess I'll just have to craft some of my own stories to make up for that little gap in my life and move on.

Here is to the death of my DC, to all the c-list characters whose miniseries I have picked up over the years and loved, to all the reinventions of the characters I have hated, to all the wonderful stories we have shared. I have no interest in reading you anymore.

So, Josh Fialkov, I hope your Last of the Greats kicks some superhero ass, and my indie pull list gets deeper.

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