Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Foreign Matter - OGN

Where the fuck is this comic? That is probably what some of you are asking. There is a reason for that. Although we have had copies made of our comic, Foreign Matter is not going to come out in single issues. This is a decision that I have made based on that fact that although we have formatted the story for a monthly, the story fits better with being two OGNs.

Two OGNs you say? Damn right. Now here is the reason. Our first issue - okay. Our second issue - better. Our third - even better. Our fourth - okay now we're cooking with gas. Fifth - fuck yeah this is what I was imagining Foreign Matter could be. Sixth - Will be amazing. This issue ends with a massive cliffhanger and is an amazing place to leave the audience wanting another installment of our precious work.

While Foreign Matter could just be dismissed by retailers after the first issue, if the retailers get six at once, in one package, they can get excited about what we are doing and pass the comic onto fans. Y'see? Y'see?

So...we are getting the issues together for one amazing installment. Imagine that much German Ponce art in one graphic novel. Imagine one insane story that pulls no punches and hits like a stallion on alien steroids.

Are you ready for this? Huh?

Look for us December/January.


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