Thursday, November 3, 2011

Amazing Stories of a Fear Agent

So, yesterday I read Mike Hawthorne, Rick Remender and Tony Moore's final issue on Fear Agent. For those of you who haven't read the story this might get a little spoil-y so don't read much further then this.

Not many comics have evoked such emotion as issue #32 of Fear Agent. Although it is a pitch-perfect ending, it is also extremely happy and extremely sad, and a testament to how people feel about their families and loved ones. IF you have ever lost a loved one and wanted to climb into a wayback machine and make it go differently, Fear Agent is the story for you.

Heath Huston goes through hell, torture and drunkenness to make things 'right' with the universe, and...then he drives his old injured body into the sun with a smile on his face, knowing that he has wiped out an entire alien race in order to make sure his family lives. Alternate dimensions and all that aside, it is a sweet and horrible ending to a sweet and horrible comic.

Knowing that this comic brought us Jerome Opena, and Mike Hawthorne makes me truly happy and shows me that Rick Remender has some ideas about art. Coupled with Tony Moore and Kieron Dwyer, these artists rocked an interplanetary tale, bringing chills and spills with tales of bittersweet loss and victory.

Rick Remender brought us a tale that deserves a movie, or a television series (original Star Trek style) of passion and the stubborn agenda of one man to set his world back to start. After seeing how much torture one man could take, this crew left us with a tear-jerker.

I will be sad to see this comic of the shelves, but that is what happens when Marvel hires up the best of the independents, their other works get pushed in order for their career to ascend. But these guys deserve it. Remender is killing on X-Force and Venom and I am sure has some more epic tales on the way. Opena is an X-Force man, Mike Hawthorne draws us some Conan among other titles, Tony Moore is doing Venom among other things, and Kieron Dwyer, I have no idea what he is up to, although I am sure it is good.

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