Thursday, November 24, 2011


I spent the day looking at and crafting the backmatter material for the OGN last night. It isn't finished, but I think it looks good. Sketches and peeks at German Ponce and other artist's procedures are always kind of exciting. Now I'm trying to decide whether I should leave it out for the deluxe hardcover (a dream), or if I should crack it in the back of the first GN and get it over with. Who knows if I'll ever get that chance again right? Might as well try and give people the biggest bang for their buck.

But I have to wonder whether or not people like to see the sketch versions and inner makings of a comic book. I for one know that my scripts aren't going into the final product. The thought of that makes me cringe. Maybe one of the later scripts will be put into the final issue of FM, but I'll have to wait and see about that one. I have to sell a couple of copies of this first volume first.

It is utterly interesting to see this project come together. I am amassing one folder with the finalized product in it and it is amazing. I am still tinkering with some lettering, but most of the comics pages are done and awaiting finalization from my editor.

Color is the one thing that is keeping me back a little, but I am attempting to get that done by seeing if I can wrangle two colorists into working for me at the same time. IF that happens I will be a very, very happy man because this project will wrap itself up (this half of it) that much quicker.

Also, I took a look at the scripts for the second half and although I put them to bed a long time ago, I had to write in a new idea because it made me so happy and made a lot more sense for a couple of scenes that I had written for the pure joy of loving comics. Now, since it has been awhile since I read these scripts I thought that issues four and six were the best that I had to offer. Turns out that isn't true. Issue eight is incredible and from there it just goes insane and I love the whole thing. The way we end it...holy crap, I cannot wait to see this stuff drawn. German has his work cut out for him. I am so excited.

And that is where you want to be when you are creating comics.


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