Thursday, November 10, 2011

A bounty of comic goodness

I am just going to go down a laundry list of comics that I am enjoying, whether they are on the web (like us) or in print (like we are going to be). I'm going to start with Loose Ends, a book by Jason Latour (@jasonlatour on twitter), Chris Brunner,and Rico Renzi put out by the wonderful folks at 12 Gauge comics. I've only read issues one and three, but the art and production value on this comic (and the writing) is incredible. When you see something coming out of an indie studio that is this amazing you have to buy it. It means that the creators will be able to make another comic next month. So buy it. It has a very similar feel to Victor Kalvachev's Blue Estate, another comic that you should be buying for art and story (Victor's covers are amazing). Both are wonderfully different crime stories involving people of questionable morals and tons of illicit drugs. Don't just buy one, but both, because they are both amazing books done by really nice people. Seriously.

Next up is Battlepug. Mike Norton is making a comic that is insane and would either blow up on newstands or not sell at all. As a webcomic I hope to hell that it gets a million hits a day. It is a story of a barbarian and a giant pug. Really. And it is awesome. Read it at

The Gutters is a webcomic that skewers everything that happens in comics news and comics culture. Nothing is safe and it is filthy and wonderful and features a new artist every week. You should be reading the hell out of this, as it always makes me laugh until I spew shit out my nose. For hardcore geeks only though as you might not get half the humor otherwise. Not that you should let that stop you.

Bearmageddon (I wonder if that is partially inspired by the Mighty Boosh's Nanageddon) is another fucking grade A webcomic. As the comic is slowly being unrolled we are learning of mutated bears attacking people while the main character is introduced as a slacker/dreamer/big brother. Ethan Nicolle of Axe Cop fame handles the art and writing chores and I am enjoying the hell out this.

Blacklist Studios makes two comics that are enjoyable, King and Robot Thirteen. Once again indie comics that are professional level, King, which involves Elvis killing monsters, and Robot Thirteen, about an amnesiac brain in a robot body that is being hunted for who knows what reasons. Once again, purchase the hell out of these comics, as they are truly amazing and something you can use to win over your geek friends.

Oh, and one more. Kagan Mcleod wrote and drew Infinite Kung-Fu for about ten years or something like that, and it is one of the best comics that you will read this year. Buy the over-sized graphic novel from IDW and see why. IF you want to know how to draw an action sequence, this is where you can study as Kagan gives a master class in that.

And that is all for today folks. Check these out and give them a purchase/read.


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