Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm tired as hell and I ain't gonna take it no more. It is morning after all.

We all have our influences in life, but it is interesting to see how these influences form us and inform the art that we make.

When I was a kid my mother bought one of those package deals where you received a Dr. Seuss book in the mail every month and got some wonderful book-ends to keep them altogether. I never realized how much I read those fucking books growing up, but they transported you into a completely different reality where you wanted some green eggs and ham, or ran a circus, or helped a Lorax save a forest. Given that huge wealth of fucked up material for children they had when I was growing up I am glad the Dr. Seuss was the one that found itself into my hands, along with Roald Dahl with Quentin Blake illustrations, Bill Watterson's incredible Calvin and Hobbes, among other things.

I think I have written about those before though. When I turned into a teen I started to gravitate towards certain types of movies. Western was a huge genre for me, and Clint Eastwood westerns were the cream of the crop. I wonder if it had to do with the fact that I had an absent father that I was trying to replace? In any matter, I grew up on healthy doses of slapping leather and steel filling the insides of people's brainpans. When Unforgiven came out it was as if Clint Eastwood himself had read my little mind and found it wanting for something more. What an insanely perfect movie for that time in my life.

And then there was Star Wars. I was a fucking junkie for this space trash. I bought all three on vhs, watched them repeatedly before any remakes, read the Zahn novels, read as many other novels as I could get my hands on, read the Dark Horse comics (oh how did I read those), and then subsequently saw my childhood and teen years pissed on by remakes and prequels. I don't watch those much anymore.

Also, I watched a lot of indie movies and foreign films as my mother was obsessed with them, and they brought a different type of culture into the our lives in northern British Columbia. We could experience, for two hours, life in Italy or Spain, historical events, passionate love, and other things. I don't remember all of them, but remember them shaping my life and opening my eyes.

That is all for today. Just a little look into some of my inspirations (not even really touching the surface), but perhaps I will write a little more about them tomorrow. What are your influences?


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