Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Brain

It is funny. Sometimes I sit in front of a computer and try and think of something to write about regarding comics and it just doesn't come to me, and this is coming from a guy that thinks about comics a lot. There isn't time that doesn't go buy where I'm not thinking about a story idea, or about an artist that I am currently in love with (reading Moon Knight by Opena and Ryp can make you fall in love with them). It is a mite obsessive, but I love thinking about story. Story is like shifting blocks around in your head until all the little parts are almost in place, and then writing like hell to get them on page.

I am twelve pages into my new script and it is so unlike anything that I have attempted to write before. It has so much humanity in it, it has character, and danger and craziness, and it is firmly grounded in reality. No one is flying around punching things. No one is picking up cars. Every page that I write is yielding new information, and new ways of telling story. It is incredibly exciting to think that I 1/10th of the way through it already and getting to the point.

There are a bunch of ideas that are circulating as far as my next project, but there is one front runner. Thing is I have to keep these ideas down to pitches so that I don't go broke in financing comics (although if there is a way to go broke there, I am probably the man to do it). Horror perhaps? Or spy/espionage? I have some interesting ideas for both. Or maybe I should go back to the superhero genre? But I am not sure that is in the books for awhile. WE shall see though. I have never really done things in the way that people tell me I should.

In other thoughts, you should probably pick up and read a copy of Habibi by Craig Thompson. I am sure that there are people that will dismiss the book, but it is a book that brain will keep going back to reference in the coming days. I got it out of the library, but I think I may have to purchase it in order to fully assimilate the ideas within the covers. I will leave the comments there. Just trust me on this one.

Also started reading Whilce Portacio and Mike Carey's Wetworks. The art and story are quite nice so far as Carey is writing some the coming together of the team. He has his work cut out for him, but I like to read stories that derailed from interesting ideas, because there is a lot to learn there.

And that is my brain dump for today.


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