Friday, November 18, 2011

My Respect Runs Deep

I love how ideas change. I have written about Rob Liefeld before, I think (I honestly can't keep track), and every time I hear an interview or read something about this man I appreciate him even more. No jokes.

First off, let's set some things straight about Rob. He was nineteen when he rose to fame in the comics world. For the sake of this article I will tell you what I was doing when I was nineteen, dropping out of University and moping around like an emo little boy. In his mid-twenties Rob was a millionaire. Yup. Jealous? I am. Maybe that is where the hate towards this man comes from. He was a success at the age that most of us were just starting to think about a career (or I was. I was a slow starter). I can hear some objections. Sure Rob made some books that weren't that great in the early nineties, but I can tell you something, I read the hell out of those books, and there are some great ideas floating there. And the man hired Alan Moore and we got some incredible stories about a Superman-type from Awesome comics. Let us take a moment and consider the name Awesome comics. That will show you what type of man Rob Liefeld is. He likes his work, he is enthusiastic, and he a nice guy. Watch the video here, and tell me that you don't kinda like the guy. And, just for kicks, he had a Levi's commercial by Spike Lee. A blessed life for our man Rob.

So, he drew a Captain America that was horrid. And some other things that weren't that wonderful. Read this.
How To Beat Haters. Yup, you read that right. The man knows his faults, or where, in the past, he has had them. Personally, Rob's art might not be your taste, but his style has changed over the past couple of years, and he has pushed himself into learning the things that people still talk about. He draws feet. And he still draws pouches. He even drew a picture of a pouch for a fan. Now that is someone that doesn't take the hate all too seriously, and that makes me appreciate him all the more.

Listen to this interview with John Suntries on Word Balloon. Rob has been around for awhile and knows some things, and has seen some interesting shit go down. I promise you won't be disappointed. Ever wonder why the X-Men movies came out from Fox? You'll get that answer, and it will blow your mind.

So, whether you can move past the fact that is was popular to hate a nice guy, and a talented one, is something for you to decide. I've decided and Rob Liefeld deserves a little respect. Much love,


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