Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Projects

So I have a bunch of projects going through the thought burner, one of them is at the forefront and is something that I would never have thought of writing in my life, and that is why I am writing it. It is a boxing story. It is a crime story. And on the day that Joe Frazier has passed away I figure that I will write a little about it.

I started this story with the idea of an older superhero, someone that had had his day in the sun and was crippled. This crippled man would have to confront his age, his pity and rage at having given up a vibrant life for people whom he did not know, and the villain that he had crippled him come to life again.

I wrote a ten page story with some similar themes and really loved the writing of it. Thing is, that superhero comics aren't commercial in the least among the indie crowd, unless you are an established author. I think. That is the experience that I feel sometimes with Foreign Matter, and maybe I feel like I need to broaden my scope some. Anyways, I had one of those days where the thoughts started to pour in and the focus of this project became a crime/sports story. It morphed through the wonder that is the imagination ether.

Now we have a story forming that includes two former heavyweights in The Last Great Fight. If I can this off, it will be an amazing story. I have already written a scene that gives me immense pride to think about, and touches me in a way that is so wonderful and personally bittersweet.

Look for it.

ps IF you know anyone that draws in a style with movement like Eric Canete or Kagan McCloud that wants to draw a boxing story, let me know.


rip Joe Frazier

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