Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Talented Comics People

So, I haven't been writing. I have been concentrating on the making of, trying to get out book into people's hands and just basically being sick. I am sick right now at this very moment, typing away with a sniffly nose and just listening to music that is giving me a headache while my sore throat makes me feel like I was throat-raped by razor blades.

I had one of those days today where the comics that I bought and perused were just amazing and incredible and made me feel like I am making shit. It wasn't one of those huge feelings, just a slight tickle in the back of my brain.

That, and I want Eric Canete to draw a four issue mini for me and know that I haven't gotten the project in a place where I could ask anyone, let alone a super-talented comics pro. But when you see someone's artwork and just have the idea...or maybe Kagan McCloud (whose name I think I have butchered).

I also think I have been feeling guilty that I haven't been putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, or whatever. I have the idea down, now I just have to finish the character sheets and the spine of the story and I can get the rest in the can.

I think I don't want to get to far into another project either when I don't know whether I will make any money off of the one that I have at the moment. That scares me and it paralyzes by brain, but mostly I think I have just been lazy/busy with FM.

I shouldn't be too hard on myself, but that is what pushes me to get things done, and I will get them done, we are just so close to getting this novel done and I really need to get my mind around the design elements of it all. I don't want this to look shitty, nor do I want it to be panned.

This may be whinging, but there are only a few people that read this, so I like to have a little vent here and there. I suppose I should move onto other things now that I have smashed my thoughts down.

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