Sunday, November 6, 2011

Terry Moore

Terry Moore is someone that in utterly interesting as a creator. A part of the nineties indie crowd that came along, self-published the hell out of their books and received a good deal of praise and press for it, I wonder if anyone could, or would attempt, to do such a thing in this modern age?

I highly doubt it. Anyone that would opt for a paper copy over webcomic would have to be entirely insane in this day or modern miracles of the tablet and other web readers. Yet, in his own little corner, in his own little universe, Moore continues to pump out comics with an incredible amount of talent, wit, and character.

Now on his third series, Rachel Rising, Moore has more than proved his mettle in this industry, but with Dave Sim and Jeff Smith has maintained complete control over his property.

I have to wonder to myself as the whether Moore has ever been chased by the large companies of the comics world, Marvel or DC, to take a book, or to launch a property? I could imagine him doing a handful of books for either company, but I would be sad to see such a thing. I think I remember seeing Moore in one of the Strange Tales books for a quick short about Thor, but I prefer to see him on his own books cranking out his own stories.

And what stories! Strangers was Moore's epic romance story, and the less I say about it the better. Making a love story interesting and dynamic and re-readable is something for this industry though. Echo was a story of two woman blended together through science, and has a heavy does of sci-fi and horror for anyone interested in that. Rachel Rising is a pure horror story/mystery title.

Buy these books. Go to your retailers and order the hell out of them. They are amazing books. Echo and SiP have been collected in digests and are great reads at great prices. Rachel Rising only has three issues out and they have been selling out, so grab what you can of those and get reading.

Oh, and for you men that read comics, these tales are very good intros for ladies because they involve strong female protagonists. Give them as a gift to get your lady involved in the medium.

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