Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trent Kaniuga - The Evolution of an Artist

When I was a teenager I used to read Wizard magazine, you could say that is was comic's scripture, as I would gaze over every page with ridiculous pleasure and try and absorb the qualities that I could from whatever creators they featured that month. There was something about Wizard magazine at that time. It was fun, it had insight, and it didn't have a million comic news sites to compete with. Wizard actually used to get scoops and exclusive artwork from companies.

One month they featured an indie comic by the name of Creed by a guy named Trent Kaniuga. I have no logical reason for it, but the cover that they showed was unlike anything I had seen at the time.

Take a look at the oversized feet and the number of fingers on each hand. Also, the heart attached to the chain, and the fop of hair falling all around. I loved this picture, and I think I would have loved to be this character in some regard. And this is completely without knowing what the comic was about. At that point I had no idea how to get the comic, so I would sit and look at the picture and make my own stories about what it was all about. And being a romantic little kid, I probably did a pretty good job of it.

Fast forward a couple of years. Trent gets hired onto Ghost Rider for a mini. I was completely irrational about how I thought about this comic, and only really having seen Trent's art on the cover thought I would be blown away. I managed to clamp my hands on the mini, but the story was pretty shitty so I couldn't get that into it. The art was fairly amazing though, but I don't think I was ready to see Ghost Rider in such a stylized way.

So when I learned that Trent was doing a webcomic I was all over that. is something that you should be reading. For those of you familiar with Trent's work, the writing on this is solid, and the art is incredible. New chapters start up at the end of the month, so prepare yourself for some reading and tell a friend to come along.

This year I managed to finally get my hands on a copy of Creed. IDW collected the Trent's entire run in one book. While the stories weren't anything like I imagined them to be (I had a pretty good imagination when I was a kid), they are something like I never imagined. Creed is art on an unconscious level, dreamlike and wonderful, and if you are a fan of art I suggest that you pick the book up to see the evolution of an artist. You get to see the earliest art of Kaniuga's until the most recent Creed stories from 2002 which are lush and gorgeous with an amazing wash over them. Highly recommended.

So thanks Trent for feeding the brain of a young man, and for some wonderful art over the years.


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