Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You lose some and you lose some

Okay, bitchin' time again. Fanboys you gotta get your shit together. Seriously. This has to do with late books and books that ship on time. Here is where we have to make a decision as to what we like as consumers. Do we like late books that look great? Or do we like books that ship on time and look a little shifty? I've heard arguments for both sides and I'm always with the ship late and ship it looking good party. Y'know why, because that is the way that it was envisioned. However, with events and universes that tie together, you can't really do that, so we get the book shipped on time and some rushed artwork.

As fans we love to bitch and gripe and piss and moan about everything. Next time that your book ships, stop and ask yourself a couple of questions? Did I get my comic this month? Is my comic how I wanted it to look? Is the story serviceable? And than remember that the comics that you are getting are a product of direct feedback from the fans. Don't like the Brent Anderson art on Action? Well, it didn't ship late, and Rags will be back next month after he's had some time to catch up. Quality takes time. IF you want to recognize that I would appreciate it. Also, when someone is called in for a rush job, that in not their regular quality of work, so don't bitch at them for pitching in and collecting a paycheck. Sure, some people may have standards that they live by, but other comic artists are working people that just want to put some food on the table for their families and would be stupid to pass up a payday and help out an editor that can give them work on something regular. Yes, you are paying money for a product, but human beings are also not infallible, sometimes sickness creeps in, or sometimes people have life that intrudes on their sitting at a board and drawing. People don't seem to want fill-in issues anymore, a standard from comic days past, so we get rushed art.

Do you understand a little bit better? No. Well there is nothing that you can do I guess. It seemed for awhile that Marvel was going for quality over time (Civil War was really late), but if you take Hulk #2 and its ten creators, they seem to have gotten over that. Gone are the days that Marvel is willing to take a couple months of losses so that they can deliver a cohesive product in trade form (maybe, who knows nowadays). If you want a title all I can say is pre-order and be happy when it comes. It will get there, this is how they make their money.


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