Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Day

All sorts of interesting things happening on my end. German and I had a little Facebook chat today. Spinning some ideas around in my head now about what will happen after Foreign Matter, and so is German. Time to start on some collaboration with the Argentinian wunder-kind. There is so much to work with when you are building a world from the ground up and that is the type of exercise that this looks like it is going to be, the world-building kind. Excited yet? So am I.

That and we are 12 pages away from finishing pencils on Foreign Matter volume 1. Holy shit.

Oh, and there is a possibility that I may have an artist attached for The Last Great Fight, if everything goes well, in the near future. Fuck me, that is good news. Thanks for that hookup German.

Also, our publisher had some exciting news, but I am not at liberty do discuss what that is yet. I will let them work on it and hopefully things will cement themselves in place and we will come out with a different view on things.

I know that this is pretty vague, but there are moments when you are creating comics and everything just clicks and seems to be humming on another level. I say this when I am not making a cent from my efforts, but the creative flow is there within my body and being made into a complete and whole reality by mine and the amazing people that I work with's efforts. This is something that makes its way into the final product. I believe that.

And with those thoughts I leave you to it.

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