Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yesterday I went out for a walk and broke a story idea wide open. I don't know if you write, but there is nothing like that thing called inspiration, when the idea finally becomes something with a little bit of meat on its bones. I now have a horror/romance comic that is going to come after the piece of sports/crime that I am writing right now. Sounds like some commercial goodness to me, or not.

I was up last night and I have pushed through and finished the first script for The Last Great Fight. I love the writing process when you have the bare bones written already and just have to write character and each line of dialogue is something that excites you. I made a comment to my wife last night, "I have to make sure this is good", but than I amended that to "I just have to get his down". Whether or not the writing is good on the first pass is something that you shouldn't concern yourself with. That is what editing is for. You can chip away at a script, a line here and a line there, but the story isn't going to get done if you try and create the 'perfect' script. At least that is how I work, and that is what works for me.

I should get back at it.


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