Saturday, December 3, 2011


So, as of late I have been trying to come up with some interesting new ideas and such, and have been fairly successful in such things (the coming up with part has been fairly easy, although I should disregard some of my lesser ideas on the fact that they kinda suck).

With The Last Great Fight, I has no idea as to what boxing was about, or how the rules went, or how someone would watch a fight, or call a fight. So I went to my local library and got out some books with interviews with corner men, and about boxing history. I watched a shitload of documentaries on the subject of champions, specifically heavyweight champions and I hit the internet and started watching youtube videos of fights. I got pretty into it, and have actually become a fan of the sport (I was not a fan in anyway before). And this preparation has been indispensable when it comes to plotting and structuring the story. Given the fact that I know a little about a lot I can cast my net all over the place, but I will never really catch anything until I know the water I sit in and how the fish will react.

I have started reading books about military ops/black ops, as I have an interesting idea that involves that, but I am still not sure whether the idea will pan out the way that I want it to, or if it is just dead in the water. The thing is, if it doesn't pan out, I have the knowledge in my head for other ideas, or for future projects. Seeing as I don't know a hell of a lot about the military or military procedure this is a good book for me to better understand what goes on in these types of situations. In the back of my mind I have given up reading fiction for non-fiction, but as long as there are comic, I will wile away my time reading those by the fistful.


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