Friday, December 2, 2011

Watchmen 2

Since I haven't been blogging with any real consistency lately I will dive into the first big twitter trend that comics has given the world in awhile, Watchemen 2. When I first read the original by Moore and Gibbons I had heard about the comic for sometime. I even had a slight recognition for some of the ads from when the comic had originally come out, as I had thumbed by them in comics that I had (or my brother, or my sister) had purchased from the spinners. I bought the graphic novel on the recommendation of whispers and rumors, and was surprised. I liked the story, but you are talking to someone with a large amount of attention deficit and when I read the book I am sure that there was even more of an issue with that.

Watchmen isn't my favorite book. Alan Moore isn't my favorite writer. I've enjoyed Promethea, and his Supreme stories were rather interesting, but JH Williams was the reason I stayed on Promethea and the Supreme stories were just mining and exploiting the goodness of the golden age. From Hell was interesting, Lost Girls was a bunch of shit, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is okay, but refuses to capture and retain my attention. I've read a lot of his Avatar work, and couldn't finish Neonomicon due to all the rape-y bits.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I'm not too attached to anything that Alan Moore has written, except perhaps some small tales that I read as a child in some DC best of annuals with Swamp Thing and the Green Lantern Corps (and those are nostalgic). So when it comes down to the fact that DC is making some Watchmen prequels I could give a fuck (although it is sad that Moore doesn't have much of a say in something he helped create). It is all about visibility and money. For some reason Moore blew the fuck up in the eighties. He came to America with his suits and his beard and the American media went apeshit over the man in a way that has long lasting results. That, and a movie that most people kinda like, except for comic people who mostly just quote it when they need reference to why some comics don't film well. I went off topic for a moment. Darwyn Cooke is supposed to be leading a team of experienced vets into the void of Watchmen for some prequel action, but once again, MEH, I will never touch it. I have no interest in going back. I was around for DK2, and while I liked DK2 most people has no time for it and just bitched and moaned. I figure that no matter who is responsible for the Watchmen pre(se)quel will probably have to get used to a bunch of fans whining at them for the rest of their lives about how they ruined the 'best' comic in the world.


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