Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Close

My blog has suffered because of the business of the season, but I am back and I am primed. We are five pages away from finishing the pencils and inks on Foreign Matter volume 1. Five pages. Fuck. This has been a year and a half, or a little over of working non-stop on top of a regular job, and I cannot be more thrilled with how things are turning out on the creative end.

Now, I just have to hope that I have enough moxy, cunning and sheer strength of will and excitement to advertise this thing and land it in people's hands.

Distribution is a dicey little beast that I am still getting my head around. I am thinking Diamond and than I am thinking not, and than I am thinking Diamond and than I am thinking home-grown, cold-call, shake-a-hand deals with retailers. I know I have a little diamond in my hands and I think that we can sell this with the right people backing us up. And I think I know some of those right people. And I think that I can recruit more once I have the finished product in my hands.

But this is kinda like playing the lottery with a comic book. Except I have played all the numbers really, really well, and know the lady selecting the balls.

So, if anyone wants to pre-hype the hell out of our book, please shout from the highest mountains and tell people about:, Foreign Matter on Facebook, @foreignmatter on twitter, Foreign Matter on Tumblr, Foreign Matter on Google +, and our twitpic.

WE have content all over the web and if you could point people, friends, family, press, pros and whomever else to it, I will hug you for life whenever I see you. Sounds like someone that needs some help? Hell yes, because this is indie comics folks and indie comics that make it are few and far between. You can say you knew us when (or at least German, because that guy is going places).

Thank you so much for your time.


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