Saturday, March 24, 2012

Be A Cool Nerd!

So, although I have probably already been dumped from many comic shops inboxs into the trash, I had my first response from a retailer telling me that it wasn't worth his time, effort or money to stock my book. I understand this. Comic shops don't have shitloads of cash. Most of these guys are hardened, jaded stock that have lasted years in an industry that is being encroached on by digital comics, a dwindling industry (so they say), and being in a fringe industry. Life is tough for the comics retailer.

And its tough for the indie creator too. Foreign Matter isn't a vanity project, I want people to read it. It is online, but after investing in it, I want people to buy it so that I can recoup a little cash. Yes, I said it, is that so bad. I'm busting my balls with all my spare time, trying to spread the word, trying my best to get people on board. I need retailers.

So, people that read Foreign Matter, or like Foreign Matter, or hate Foreign Matter, but read it because it is free online, please go to your LCS and tell them about us. Say, "I want Foreign Matter. Have you heard of it? It is should stock it. I'll tell my friend to come in your store and buy it." Why should you do this? I can't say. Because you like people that are crazy and are trying to make their dreams come true and you like comics, and you like cool comics with superheroes that are badass called Cranium Case.

This is all shameless promotion, I know, but if I don't do it, who the fuck will? No one right?

So do me a favor. Read Foreign Matter at: , buy a copy at:, and go into your LCS and tell them they need to stock us, or they won't be fucking cool nerds.



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