Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pleas buy Foreign Matter and tell a friend.

That is a link to my online store. You can order a comic there. At first glance it may seem like it is just another comic, just another 166 pages of black and white superhero stuff, but it is not that way for me.

I will tell you what that 166 pages of story means to me. It means two years of working 40 hours a week at a regular job and at least another 10-20 hours a week at home making comics.

When this started I didn't think I could write. I wrote. The script is finished, all 340 pages of it. When this started I didn't think I could find an artist to create with. I found an artist, I have paid him what I could and have given him his share. I hired some colorists and paid them as well, but couldn't keep each one longer than one issue. I spent money (a lot for me) and than decided to scrap the color and do it in black and white. I learned how to make a web page, I learned how to letter, I learned a little bit of graphic design, and I have made a graphic novel.

I am immensely proud of my murder/mystery/superhero tale and I want you to purchase it and talk about it to your friends. Why? Because I think it is worth fifteen dollars and shipping. Because I love the artwork of my friend German Ponce.

Please tell people about this, and if you can't afford it, it is online at: You can read it there.

Once again, please tell a friend about us. Get them excited. Share this on tumblr and twitter and facebook, reddit, diggit, and any other social media networks that you can think of.

Because now that I have worked my ass off to make it I would like an audience.

Thank you,


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