Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Repetition - But Progress

Okay. I am a writer. I think I have established that in a couple of ways. Way #1 being that I have written and finished the first volume of Foreign Matter and I am publishing the bastard. Way #2 being that I think I am a writer and therefore am one. I am writing this very moment, and that is all the proof I need. Sure it has been a million years since I reviewed what a subject is, but I write and do write. Whether I do it well is a whole other barrel of potatoes (I even make sayings up).

I have mentioned the other hats that I have had to wear during my days of being a comics person, and my current hat is the hat of marketer and publicist. Basically that means getting my book in people's faces. So, I get my ass in gear and I am writing personal letters to reviewers/podcasters/retailers and more in order to get some eyes on the pages.

What have I taken this to be? Calling in every small favor that I have accrued, bothering every single creator that I have ever had a small amount of contact with, and basically cold-calling every person that I can and swinging my book in front of their faces, hoping that I can get a bite or two. And I have.

Look, if there is one thing that comics people like, it is comics, and I think ours is pretty boss for a self-published piece of work, probably just under pro level, or pretty damned close to it, as close as I can possibly make it, I scammed every design trick I could off of the graphic novels that surround me. So, I am gently, but assertively getting my product in people's hands. Every site I want it on needs a personal note, every retailer that I encounter needs a personal touch and a reason to buy my comic. I hope they look at it, I hope to god they open up the links that I send them without just tossing it away because they have to see it to believe in it, they have to know that German and I have poured ourselves into the project like metal into casts, and come out with a finely honed product.

Like I said I have had some progress, but not enough. I haven't shaken enough hands personally and had enough face time with the comics' crowd because I work on the weekends when the cons are on. I haven't had drinks with the people that you should have drinks with, I haven't pressed the flesh. Dear god, I hope that people open up that file and take a look, and read past the first issue, and find that we have made something worth having.

Because we have.


  1. Yes - you do have something to offer - something amazing!!!!
    Your grandparents would be proud, proud, proud!!! Your Mom and Aub are busting out all over with creative appreciations. No matter what - Foreign Matter is a work of heart and passion - it will be clear to those who take the time to read!!!!

  2. Not sure why im leaving this here, but you're the kind of person who might be of help to me-