Sunday, March 18, 2012


So I must have some sort of wisdom accrued from having made some comics for a couple of years.

Let me start with something simple, persevere. IF you can live through all the self-doubt in your head, and all the criticism that you give yourself because something looks out of place on a page that you have made, or on something you have designed, or that your dialogue is too clunky and your storytelling isn't streamlined enough, persevere. Work through it, and work through your doubts and be strong knowing that you will carry on and do well.

Every week I think I make some new mistakes, whether it is in the page design, or the writing, or the marketing, or some sort of piece of the comic that I am part of, other than what German does when he is making me look good. Now, I am not in any way successful, but I am a hell of a lot closer to having an audience, I just need to get my book into the hands of people and have them make their decisions of whether or not they like it from there.

I thought this would be a long list, but it is not. Work hard, work every day you can, and go from there.

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  1. True Words man. About to cop that Foreign Matter once I get a new job. Looking forward to it though.