Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So. Progress report.

So. I burned out a little this past week. Went to work, did some work, and then sat on my ass before dragging my ass home. Thank fuck that is was Easter weekend and no one (my boss) really gave a shit that I dragged my ass home to go into a recovery coma.

Y'see I had reached my limit of working a billion hours a week (exaggeration) in order to feel as though I had caught my shit up to whatever deadline that I had set out for myself. In all honesty, sometimes I look at myself and wonder what the fuck happened to the small slice of life that I once had, that has been inhabited by work on comics and work on work.

I had a conversation with someone recently, we were talking about my comic, because the comic is a good deal of my life lately, and it seems to be what I talk about when I'm not talking about bowel movements. Now, this gentleman is a whiz at media for a small company called Coca-Cola, and he mentioned some things that I could do for Foreign Matter, and that I have put into play. Some of the ideas: make some posters, get them on Pinterest and Instagram. Get some people talking about it. I've done that.

I've also made some progress on writing a short story on this man's recommendation. You have no idea how excited I am about this idea. German and I are doing a five page story that allows easy access into the world of Foreign Matter. Thing is, German and I are hitting the ground running on this, and we have taken the opportunity of freedom from the Foreign Matter cage (it is a plot that allows little deviation) to set our minds into something interesting, and something different.

Let me explain. Comics' scripting is something that has turned into a screenplay, or something that looks very much like one, but with more description from scene to scene. Yes, comics people write more than screenwriters and make a hell of a lot less, but I digress. I have taken this opportunity to take have German let his imagination go mad, and have decided to script the story Marvel style. What is Marvel style? Well Marvel style is basically a short story with dialogue and caption cues. It takes the control of pacing and shot decision completely out of the writers hands and puts and puts it into the hands of the artist. As a writer I have to say that this scares the shit out of me incredibly, and has been incredibly hard because I think in comic panels, not in flowing prose. What is interesting about this is that German feels more engaged in the process, and has gone as far to suggest that he will letter the comic completely as to be able to use experimentation to a further degree. Wow, huh? That is what I thought. I have no idea how these pages will look except for what is in my head...and that scares me and also makes me feel more alive in my art. Being afraid of something is an entirely amazing thing.

Also, I have gotten together my Foreign Matter files for digital distribution and will have them for sale on June 13th as well as everything else. I am giving away the first issue, but you will be able to purchase the chapters separately of as one cohesive unit. Digital seems like an interesting thing, and should be completely awesome to explore.

And that, I think, is it for now. Thanks for listening.


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